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"Alfie is an ordinary little boy. He has a mum and a dad and a little sister called Annie Rose. He has no magical powers, and he does not go on fantastic journeys into space or anything like that. But some very exciting and interesting things happen to him all the same."

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Imagine Children’s Festival - Thursday 20th February

Shirley Hughes and her daughter Clara Vulliamy will be taking part in the Imagine Children’s Festival with Clara Vulliamy. Shirley and Clara have worked together for the first time on a series called Dixie O’Day. The books follow the adventures of two dogs, Dixie and Percy, and the adventures they get up to behind the wheel of their sports car. Whilst Shirley reads about their japes and scrapes Clara will bring Dixie, Percy and their marvellous motor to life drawing them in front of the audience.

The event is for families aged 5 – 7. Please visit the website for Tickets and Information

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